Hey there! I’m Manni, but you can call me Manners 🙂

Welcome to our blog! Here you’ll find…well…I’m not exactly sure at the moment what you’re going to find on here, so I guess we’ll all find out in due time? K cool 🙂

-Manni ❤

Take it Swathers!


Hi, how’s everyone doing? Well, I hope!

My name is Swathi, or otherwise known as Swathers (which is short for Swatherus Snape, a nickname that one of my friend’s brother-in-law gave me) the other half of this rhyming duo. I call Manni Manners a lot so feel free to call her that too. For me well you can call me Swathi or Swatherus Snape or Swatz or Swahili or if you must, you can call me Swathers.

I’ll give you a little more insight on what our blog is about since Manni kept it pretty short (don’t expect that from her, she’s usually a talker). Well this is our blog that we decided to start together to detail the our, well, somewhat boring lives. We don’t know necessarily where it’s headed yet or if it’s headed in any direction at all, but we do know is that it will show our unbreakable ( for the most part) friendship.

Well I hope you’ll enjoy your experience here. Maybe one day we can have tea and cookies together? 🙂



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