She loved them first! (Which she might be embarrassed about but she shouldn’t be!)

Hey guys!

So this weekend, Swathi and a couple other friends and I went to a concert.

A One Direction concert that is 🙂

(If you are currently judging us for liking One Direction, please click the following link: )

About a year and a half ago, Swathi and I were having a sleepover, and she kept talking in a British accent. And finally I was like “GIRL WHY YOU TALKING IN THAT ACCENT ALL THE TIME?!” And she was like, “Let me show you.”

And she spent all morning introducing me to One Direction, and I came to love ’em.

The concert this weekend was awesome. One of my favorite moments was during the song “Loved You First.”

We were all dancing around and stuff, and when they said the line “Baby I loved you first!” I happened to glance at Swathi. She sang the line with them, and pointed in their direction. I know it was just a move and all, but I had like a profound moment lol. Because, the thing is, Swathi DID love them first. A lot of people found out about One Direction only after they came to the U.S for the first time, which is totally fine; there’s nothing wrong with that. But Swathi knew about One Direction for so long, maybe even longer than anyone in our whole school. I knew that this concert was so big for her. And without her, none of our group, including me, would have been as pumped to be there.

So I guess I just want to say thanks. I’m so glad you introduced me to the boys, Swathi. And I can’t wait to do this next year 🙂 Also, to all y’all out there with friends who try to get you into stuff, give them a chance! You might end up loving what they show you.

-Manners 🙂


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