July Favorites!

Hey guys,

It feels like just yesterday we did a June favorites and now we’re already doing a July favorites! The month of July went by fast! I felt like I did do anything productive this past month even though it was pretty busy! I probably should get started on my AP summer assignments soon as school is only less than a month away (AHHHHH). Well, anyways, here are our favorites for this past month!

Swathi’s Favorites:

  1. Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream in Cashmere Glow: I’ve been using Bath&Body Works products for a couple of years now. My mom and I always get sucked in to their buy 3 get 2 free deal and end up buying way more products than we needed in the first place. I bought this in one of those spending sprees a while ago and when I ran out of my body lotion, I turned to this and it’s literally the BEST THING EVER. It smells so nice and I love how nice it goes on, I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. 
  2. Our 2nd Life a.k.a. my current Youtube obsession: I discovered these boys randomly as I was surfing through Youtube one day and immediately became hooked on their channel. The channel is a collab channel compromised of Connor Franta, Ricky Dillion, Sam Pottorff, J.C. Caylen, Trevor Moran, and Kian Lawley. Each week they have a theme and each day one of the members post a video revolving around the theme. Alone they are pretty funny and entertaining people, but together they are freaking hilarious
  3. Once Upon A Time: OMG. THIS SHOW. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you need to go on Netflix right now and start watching season 1! Originally, I thought this show would be a classic drama revolving around classic fairy tale characters, but I was wrong. This show puts a dark twist on the classic fairy tales that we know and love. The basis of the show revolves around an evil spell the Evil Queen cast on the fairy tale characters that sent them into the real world where they forgotten who they really are. The main character, Emma, is Snow White’s daughter who was sent away before the Evil Queen could reach her and that when she is 28 she will come back and break the spell. Emma’s son, Henry, finds her and brings her back to Storybrooke and that’s when everything starts to change.
  4. Divergent by Veronica Roth: When I heard that this book was being made into a movie, I definitely wanted to make sure I read before the movie came out. This book is about this girl named Tris who has to choose between five factions to spend the rest of her life in. Before she can choose, Tris must take an aptitude test along with the other sixteen year olds that will show her which faction she’s most fit to survive in. When her test results show her as belonging to more than one faction, she becomes divergent. Throughout the book, Tris must  battle with her divergence as she fights to become a member in the faction that she has chosen. In my opinon, this book is probably one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. Veronica Roth not only made a strong and compelling female lead but also did not include a love triangle like all of the other authors have done so in the past. I loved this book so much I drew three birds on my collarbone just like Tris did in the book. Now I’m onto the next book in the trilogy, Insurgent, and then I’ll have to agonizingly wait for the third book to be released later this fall.

Manni’s Favorites

1)      One Direction Make Up

MUA 1D Lipstick Kiss You Be Mine Harry

I love One Direction. And I love make up.

I pretty much exploded when I found this. You can find all the products HERE—they only ship in the UK though D:. I LOVE Harry’s lipstick pictured above—the color is to die for, and I love how all it’s got his signature on it : ) Also, I believe it’s cruelty free!!

2)      Promiscuous (The Josh Desi Remix)

Aight, my ethnicity is something called Punjabi. Punjabis are famous for a few things, among them our music. Punjabi music and Hip Hop are my two favorite types of music. A lot of Punjabis feel the same way, so people make a lot of Punjabi Hip Hop mixes. Sometimes they’re just eh, but a lot of the time they are really good, and occasionally you’ll run across one that is PERFECT, like the on above! I’ve listened to it so much! I don’t know how enjoyable it’ll be for those of you who don’t understand the Punjabi language, but give it a listen and let me know what you think!

3)      People—


I know this is a weird one, but one of my absolute favorite thing  this month was the people I encountered. My cat had a medical emergency at the beginning of July, and his vet’s office was closed. So we took him to a veterinary clinic that we had never been to before. Despite not having called ahead of time, and the fact that they were going to close soon, they took our Cinnamon in and treated him like he was one of their cats. They told us exactly what we needed to do, which was go to NC State Veterinary school, the only place nearby equipped to handle him, and they put him on oxygen for a few minutes to make him comfortable, all for no charge. When we went to NC State right after, they were just as caring for Cinnamon, and sympathetic to what we were going through then. Through all of this, I was reminded how much of a difference it can make to be caring and kind to someone  : )

Those were all of our favorites for this month. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did loving them. Let me know if you’re currently obsessed with a t.v. show, book, or even a music video like we are. Until next week, check out our Pinterest page! I’ve been pinning lots of things on there, so follow us and check it out!

~ Swathi


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