A Little Bit About Us…

Hi, welcome to our blog! Our names are Swathi & Manni aka Swathers & Manners. We’re just a couple of two best friends who have nothing better to do with their summer than blog. In total honesty, we have pretty boring lives. What can I say, we live in a town that everyone calls a bubble; what do you expect to happen in a bubble? Moving on, the idea for this blog came to us when we were creating our summer bucket list (which Manni lost). We’ve both written blogs before, Swathi has had two for school and Manni continued her blog from our creative class and still keeps it up to this day. You might not expect it from two very good friends, but we’re pretty different but we have enough similarities to keep our friendship strong. What we’ve envisioned for this blog was to bring our two different personalities together and create something new. With what we create, we hope to strengthen our friendship as well as introduce the world to some new ideas. Maybe one day we could all have tea & cookies together, but for now enjoy your stay.


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