Summer Bucket List!

Hey guys! So right when summer started, Swathi and I decided to compile a list of stuff we wanted to do before the summer ended. And we thought we’d share it with you!

✔Make a friendship blog 😀


✔Go to the One Direction concert


Have a fancy night out

Beach trip!

Get pedicures

Unfortunately not that kind ^

Film a music video

Go to Paint Your Pot

Go to First Friday- A local art festival that happens on the first Friday of every month.

Have a sleepover–We haven’t had one in ages!

We’re going to have a page on our blog dedicated to our summer bucket list, that we plan on updating as we complete each of these things. It may be hard, seeing as Manni & I only have a month left of summer before school starts, but we plan on getting most of these things done! So check out the page to be updated on our bucket list & comment down below with what your summer bucket list is or what you really want to do this summer! We both want to know!

~Swathers & Manners