Back to School in Style

Hey guys,

It’s August and usually for us that means it’s back to school season. This past weekend was in fact tax free weekend in our lovely state and I definitely took it upon myself to get all my school supplies during that weekend.  In the spirit of back to school season, Manni & I are going to share with you our back to school tips and tricks to survive this upcoming school year. Now as high school seniors, we’ve learned a lot over these past couple of years on how to survive that dreaded first week and the one thing that’s one everyone’s mind is: “What do I wear on the first day of school?” Well since we’re seniors this year, Manni & I don’t have to worry about that problem cause every year the seniors at our school wear their black senior t-shirts on the first day of school.  But for the rest of the week, it’s not that easy. So not to dwell any longer, take it away Manni!

The main thing you should focus on is wearing what makes you feel good! If you’re a sweatpants hair-tied chillin’ with no make-up on type, dress like it! In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of sweats. If you like to jazz things up a little, don’t be afraid to!










Now that Manni’s shared some of her wardrobe staples for this school year, I (Swathi) thought that I would share some outfit ideas that you could wear during the first week of school. If you’re more like me, you like to be comfortable in what you’re wearing but also look nice at the same time.  Last year, I just picked a random top from my closet and threw it on over whatever pair of pants that were clean, let’s just say I was a mess! This year I’m making it a goal to dress nicer and more put together. Looking good not only makes me feel good throughout the day, but it also makes me feel more put together.  So if that’s also your goal this year or you just want to dress nicer this year then you can join me on my journey and we can do this together! 🙂


floral kimono

So if I actually had the option to not wear my senior shirt on the first day, I would probably wear a cute outfit like this one above. I would just wear a simple tank top and white shorts (if you don’t have lace ones, plain white ones will do just fine) and a floral kimono to bring it all together. If you don’t have a floral kimono or don’t feel like buying one, you can learn how to make one here. It’s really easy to make and it doesn’t take that much time at all! I feel like this outfit really has that girly yet casual feel to it and also looks really nice for the first day of school.


Now by the second day of school, mostly everyone will go back to dressing how they normally do and won’t put in that much effort to look nice. While most people choose to dress down, this is your perfect opportunity to stand out. I would definitely recommend wearing your best outfit on the second day of school rather than on the first day as you’ll stand out better and more people will notice. You can try this look by tucking in a plain jean shirt into a cute printed skirt or shorts and finish off the look with a cute belt.


Cute look:)

By Wednesday, you can start dressing more down and you don’t have to put that much effort into looking nice (I mean c’mon, we already spent two days trying to look nice, do we really have enough energy to make it through the rest of the week?).  The simplest way to look nice and cute without really trying is to put on a pair of colored jeans and throw on a loose white top paired with cute sandals or wedges. This way you look nice and put together while most people are already back to wearing gym shorts and t-shirts like they’ve been doing all summer.


Sundress, so cute!

On Thursday, you’ll probably be tired out from a busy week back at school and you might want to just wear something comfy and simple. I would suggest just slipping on a dress which takes no more than 5 seconds. Wear a dress that’s not only bright and comfy, but also school appropriate. You’ll not only look cute, but you also don’t have to spend much time in the morning getting ready which gives you more time to sleep in.


New York tee, jean shorts, shades.Friday is the last day of the week and by now you can totally let go. You’ve spent a hard week waking up early and spending seven hours each day actually learning information, I think you can use a break. Stay comfy yet casual with a some jean shorts and a cute tee. It’ll look casual but also signal that you’re ready for the weekend to start!

So those were my outfit ideas for the first week of school. Feel free to change up these outfits how ever you like and let me know what you would wear on the first day of school! We’ll see you all this month when we’ll be giving you more tips & tricks on going back to school such as how to get organized for school, some apps that make sure you stay on top of things, and how to survive that dreaded re-encounter with those people at school you aren’t too fond of! Until next time!

~Swathers & Manners