Agenda & Binder Organization Tips & Tricks

20130814-1433091Hello there!

It’s time for another back to school post, and this one is all about how to organize your school agenda and binder(s)! We’re both going to take one of the above and give you our organizational tips for that product and how we like to use them.

Swathi’s Agenda Organization Tips:

Now both Manni & I’ve used agendas every year of our school lives and if you’re reading this right now, I bet you have too. Agendas are very important for school as that’s where you write down all your homework and any tests/projects you have due soon. I always start off the school year writing everything down in my agenda and then by like the middle of the year I stop using it. But this year I’m making it a goal to use my agenda for the whole entire year. Now I’ll walk you through my agenda and how I plan on keeping it organized this upcoming school year. This is my agenda for this school year, it’s larger than my past ones but I think it’ll really come in handy this year.


Lilly Pulitzer Agenda in Chiquita Bonita

  • Buy an agenda that you’ll like and actually use: I don’t know if your school does this or not, but I know that my school sells agendas for the school year every year for around $5. So if your school sells them and you aren’t that picky about what your agenda looks like than I recommend buying one from your school. I don’t really like the plastic ones because in my experience they always get wrecked or ruined easily and don’t last all school year. This year I went for the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda in the print Chiquita Bonita (featured above) I got mine at a local store, but you can order yours here. I like it because it has a hard cover instead of plastic one and it’s also a bit larger than most agendas so I can write more in it. Also it’s pretty cute and I know if something is cute, I’ll want to use it a lot.


    This is a mock up of how I color code different activities and assignments in my agenda.

  • Color Code Your Agenda: I like to use different color pens or pencils when writing things down in my agenda. I’ll have a key for each color. For example: pink would be all my social events, purple is all school homework, red is upcoming tests and projects due, blue is like work or internship, and then green is any appointments that I may have. Color coding your agenda may seem like a lot but it’ll really help you keep track of everything when you’re really busy.


    How I used sticky notes in my agenda. The purple sticky note on top opens to my month overview, while the blue sticky note on the side opens to my weekly overview.

  • Use Sticky Notes: If you don’t have enough space to write everything down for the day then grab a sticky note and continue your list on there. Then after your done with that day, move your sticky note on top of that date in your week to week calender. You can also use sticky notes to mark your place so it’s easy to find. For example in my agenda, I have one sticky note on my month overview and another sticky note for the week I’m currently on.
  • Take your agenda out at the beginning & end of every class: When you are pulling out your binder and pens for a certain class also pull out your agenda. Sometime teachers write homework and upcoming assignments and test dates on their board at the beginning of the day for all their classes to see. So if your teacher does this, then write all this information in your agenda at the beginning of class. When your packing up your things at the end of class, pull out your agenda again just in case. Sometimes a teacher might not get through all the material in class and will assign you to finish reading or finish a handout at home for homework.
  • Review Your Agenda at the End of Each Day: Right before you go to bed or get ready for bed, take out your agenda and make sure you’ve completed all your assignments for that day. You don’t want to forget to do an assignment and go to sleep that night and show up in class the next day and be the only one who didn’t complete the assignment. Checking right before you go to sleep will give you enough time to complete any assignment that you may have forgotten (let’s hope it’s not a project!), even though you might lose some of your sleeping time.

Manni’s Binder Organization Tips:

Alright guys, now it’s time to organize those binders. Ideally, your binders are where you’re going to keep a LOT of your papers, worksheets, and other stuff. Not in the bottom of your backpack. Crumpled up. In to a ball of sadness and disorganization.

Staples® Better™ dividers 8-Tab set, Multicolor

  • Dividers: These are so important for keeping your binder straight. You’re going to want a section in your binder for each subject you’re taking, and I usually like to throw in an extra section for loose-leaf paper. Additionally, sometimes you’re teacher for a certain subject might want you to have multiple sections IN your section for that class. Like for English, you might have to have “Assignments” and “Reading” section within that section in your binder. This can be somewhat confusing, so as your teacher is speaking, write down the sections they want so that you can organize your binder accordingly when you get home!

  • Periodic Cleaning: Make sure you’re not letting things that you no longer need for class build up in your binder. It’s a good idea to go through it every so often (weekly, monthly, whatever fits your lifestyle) and take out anything you no longer need.

*If you want to take something out of your binder, but you’re not sure if you’ll need it sometime in the future (to study for finals or something) have a folder at home for things like this. Instead of throwing it away, you can just put it aside until you think you might need it again. If you’re taking APs like Swathi and I and you get 183792e74e098 papers in one day, you might need a folder for each class to do this with, instead of one for all. Plus, a folder for each will keep things more organized.

  • Reverse Psychology: Lol okay I don’t know if this is actually reverse psychology, but use a cute–maybe even your cutest–binder for your least favorite subject. Because when you’re in the classes that you like, you’re already happy! Or at least not miserable. But when you get to that class that you can’t stand, you’re going to want to give yourself all the reasons to smile that you can. So if you use multiple binders instead of one big one, use your favorite binder for your least favorite class! It’ll give you something to look at and hopefully make your class a little brighter.
  • Use Sticky Notes to Divide Units: A little bonus tip from Swathi here, you can use sticky notes to divide notes for each specific unit in a class or a subject. That way all of your notes won’t mush together and you can keep track of everything when finals come around.

So those were our tips and trick to organizing your agenda and binders. These tips we’ve gathered from not only experience, but also from other people’s advice across the internet. I hope you found at least some of these tips helpful and I hope you do well this school year!

~ Swathers & Manners 🙂