Musical Monday

This is my last week of summer and the weather forecast says that it’s going to raining and storming all week! 😦

But anyways, these are some songs I’ve been recently obsessed with! Most of them are pretty slow songs which makes it perfect for the rainy week ahead, but all of these songs are amazing!

Last night one of my favorite rappers Hoodie Allen had an concert at NC State which I think was part of their freshmen orientation. Just 2 hours before the concert, he annouced that the concert was going to be free & open to the public! Well I was definitely not going to miss my chance to see my favorite rapper perform live! My friends & I managed to sneak our way to the front of the pit and got to see him up close and person! And I can honestly say he did not disappoint. It was definitely the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done and probably the only #yolo moment I’ve ever had. I honestly felt like one of those cliche teenagers at a concert and that made me feel more like a teenager! So if you guys ever get an amazing opportunity like I did, don’t let it slide away from you so easily! Go after it!

And here’s some footage from last night’s concert that I took:

~ Swathi

More Music: